A family business that was established in the 1940's with strong background in shawl manufacturing that gave them access to various artisans of the craft. They have seen nomadic tribesmen bringing in raw materials from the Himalayas, weavers tying the fabric in knots and embroiders filling in the paisleys with colored thread. Then they brought these priceless pieces of art to the world, each piece of shawl makes a journey of its own.

The handloom industry has a rich past in Kashmir, and similar to Kuwait, long chilly winter nights have long been celebrated by gathering and feasting with family, warmly wrapped in an age old Pashminas.


Pashm was established in Kuwait in 2018 to cater to the local demand of this craft. Pashm means the soft raw fur of Himalayan goats, weaved into a hundred thousand knots, crossed and overlapped by hand, to the tune of a geometrical pattern, which has been sung over centuries and finally converted into treasure.